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30ml Custom Oil Blends

30ml Custom Oil Blends


Looking for something special and unique that heals your soul, comforts your emotions and strengthens your mind? Get yourself the scent having your very own signature custom aromatherapy blends that last a lifetime. Price start from RM55++


This 30ml dropper bottle with carrier oil dilution is recommended and easy to use for massage and topical application on skin.


Pure & Natural Ingredients: 100%

Preservatives: Without

Product Usage: Cosmetic / Aromatherapy Product

Application: Topical application on skin / Massage



Contains 100% pure and natural essential oil of your choice, diluted to carrier oil of your choice


Try a unique experience online in that you can create your own customized products for specific spiritual, therapeutic purposes or specific needs for an event.

Drop us a message to create your custom oil blends.

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