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Cotton Paper Mask. Compressed Mask. Facial Mask. Mask Paper

Cotton Paper Mask. Compressed Mask. Facial Mask. Mask Paper


We highly recommend trying out Cotton Paper Mask with the use of FLORIHANA HYDROSOL (FLORAL WATER) to provide a deep, hydrating treatment to your skin. The cotton mask has the advantage of holding more hydrosol for even better skin hydration (more effective in hydrating).
✔️ Natural cotton material
✔️ Holding more water 
✔️ Better skin hydration 

Natural Cotton Paper Mask
Quantity: 30 pieces


单品: 隐形压缩面膜



How to use:
1. Soak the compressed mask with toner / 10ml - 15ml hydrosol
2. Spread the mask on the face
3. Lightly press your fingers to let the compressed mask fully absorb water
4. Leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes, then remove the sheet.


Ready Stock in Malaysia
Item will be ship out within 24 hours


Packaging Note: The outer packaging photo for illustration only. 

Tips 💡 

Our Skin achieves a natural and healthy glow when it reaches the state of "oil-water balance". 
Aromatherapy skincare only requires two steps of "pure hydrosol + face cream or plant oil" to meet this need.
💧Step 1: Hydrating with "Pure Hydrosol" It is recommended to use it as the first step of skincare routine after washing your face to deeply hydrating the skin. 
Use "compressed hydrosol mask" to moisturize for 3 minutes, and the skin cells will be instantly filled with moisture. 
After the mask, the skin will appear visibly hydrated and glossy, and feel soft and smooth when touching.
💦Step 2: Lock in moisture with "Plant Oil" or "Face Cream" Although pure hydrosol can hydrating the skin, it cannot lock in the moisture. This is where plant oil/face cream comes in to lock in the moisture and provide nourishment to the skin. 
Choose plant oil that is suitable for your skin type to correctly nourish the skin.
For dry skin - choose carrier oil with high moisturizing properties 
For oily skin - choose carrier oil with astringent effects






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