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FLORIHANA Blackcurrant Organic Gemmotherapy

FLORIHANA Blackcurrant Organic Gemmotherapy


Prized since the Middle Ages, the blackcurrant or cassis is a woody shrub frequently found in mountain areas and on damp soils. Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, those little black berries are traditionally cultivated and enjoyed for their many therapeutic benefits.   

• Precautions:

The use of gemmotherapy products is not advised for children nor pregnant or lactating women. 

In all cases, we strongly recommend consulting a health professional specialized in gemmotherapy before any oral use of one or more of those specific products and cannot be held responsible in case of ingestion without prior medical advice. 

• Suggested reading: 

- ANDRIANNE PHILIPPE, Treatise on Gemmotherapy: The Therapeutic Use of Buds, AMYRIS editions 

- ANDRIANNE PHILIPPE, La Gemmothérapie, Médecine des bourgeons, éditions AMYRIS, 2002 (available in French)

- BOISTARD Stéphane, Gemmothérapie, Les bourgeons au service de la santé, Guide pratique et familial, éditions TERRAN, 2016 (available in French)

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