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Florihana Cypress Organic

Florihana Cypress Organic

PriceFrom RM37.00

The evergreen tree Cypress with the branches packed with healthy nutrients has cultural symbolism of spirituality and immortality as well as beneficial for venous circulatory system. This energizing and refreshing oil with its soothing aroma promote deep breathing and restore calm.  Diffuse this oil to enjoy blessings of the forest at home!


Florihana Cypress Organic Essential Oil is certified organic, 100% pure and natural.

Latin Name: Cupressus sempervirens

Country of Origin: France

Extraction Process: Steam Distillation

Part of the Plant: Branch

Method of Cultivation: Wild


Aroma: Fresh, resinous, rustic, woody

Blends well with Frankincense, Basil, Peppermint, Lime, Sweet Orange

It is beautiful when blended in low dilution with florals.


Aromatherapy Benefits

Properties: antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal


Mental and Emotional Aromatherapy

Mood energizing and refreshing, grounding, stress reduction.


Body / Health

Help in treating varicose veins by support healthy circulation and strengthen the veins.

Deodorising, preventing sweaty feet.

Promote deep and relaxed breathing.


Muscle / Joint

Sooth tired, restless, or aching muscles.

Relaxes muscles spasms and reduce inflammation, joint pain.


Skin care

Good for acne and oily skin with its purifying properties.

Powerful astringent in reducing pore.


Household / Natural Perfumery

Popular choice as a home and masculine fragrance.

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