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Florihana Ginger Organic

Florihana Ginger Organic

PriceFrom RM68.00

Ginger Essential oil with a spicy and warming aroma is derived from the ginger root from Ivory Coast, Madagascar. Ginger Root has been used in folk medicine for thousands years and is valued for its detoxifying and digestive properties.

Florihana Ginger Organic Essential Oil is certified organic, 100% pure and natural.

Latin Name: Zingiber officinale

Country of Origin: Ivory Coast, Madagascar

Extraction Process: Steam Distillation

Part of the Plant: Rhizome

Method of Cultivation: Cultivated


Aroma: Spicy, warm, fresh     

Blends well with Ylang Ylang, Sweet Fennel, White Grapefruits, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Juniper, Ravintsara, Lavender


Aromatherapy Benefits

Properties: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, analgesic


Mental and Emotional Aromatherapy

Stimulating, warming, grounding, ease stress, sadness, anxiety, dizziness, and fatigue


Body / Health

Detox, improve circulation, boost digestion, enhances appetite, eases discomfort of the stomach and upset stomachs, and soothe menstrual pain.

Relieve nausea and motion sickness. Soothe respiratory discomforts. Soothe inflammation, fevers, colds.

Digestive system

Ginger oil is healthy for the digestive system. It helps in the treatment of indigestion and bloating


Muscle / Joints

Soothe arthritis, muscle aches and pains. Often added into the blends for massage



Firming, reduce skin roughness

Hair: purifying, cleansing, promote healthy hair and scalp 


Household / Natural Perfumery

For home or personal natural fragrance


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