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Florihana Microparticles Diffuser

Florihana Microparticles Diffuser

PriceFrom RM65.00

Through nebulization without any heat or water, Florihana Microparticles Diffuser efficiently preserves the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Combining simplicity and performance, this wellness accessory equipped with a timer and a dimmer is ideal for all indoor rooms in your home, up to approximately  100m2 of surface area. 

Including an easily adjustable timer and three different mist modes, either slow, regular or intense, quickly create your own fragrant ambiance, from energizing and refreshing to warm and soothing. Also renew the experience up to several times a day if you wish.


With both USB and wall plug adapter, this powerful and convenient diffuser will follow you anywhere to create a restorative ambiance: at home, from your kitchen to your bedroom through your living-room, in the office or even when travelling.


Delivered with a 100-240V adapter, a USB cable, a 10 mL empty glass bottle, an atomizer attachment, and a user manual



Diffuser Atomizer Attachment is made for the Microparticles Diffuser. It gives the possibility to use different essential oils without cleaning the diffuser between each use.
The attachment is delivered with a plastic straw.

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