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Florihana Palmarosa Organic Essential Oils

Florihana Palmarosa Organic Essential Oils

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Palmarosa essential oil has excellent skincare properties such as hydrating, stabilise sebum secretion and regulate skin cell renewal. This essential oil is a good digestive stimulant as well as beneficial for nervous tension and stress-related complaints.

Florihana Palmarosa Organic Essential Oil is certified organic, 100% pure and natural.

Latin Name: Cymbopogon martinii

Country of Origin: India, Nepal

Extraction Process: Steam Distillation

Part of the Plant: Flowering Plant

Method of Cultivation: Cultivated


Aroma: Fresh, floral

Blends well with Oregano, Rosewood, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood


Aromatherapy Benefits

Properties: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal


Mental and Emotional Aromatherapy

Calming, uplifting, clarifying


Body / Health

Good digestive stimulant, help in sluggish digestion and lack of appetite

Used in traditional medicine to treat fevers and nerve pain


Muscle / Joint

Relieve sore, stiff muscles and painful joints with analgesic action


Skin Care

Suitable for all skin types.

Hydrate the skin, balance sebum levels, regenerate healthy new cells, fight infection in wounds, prevent scarring, treating acne, blemishes and other minor skin infections.


Household / Natural Perfumery

For home natural fragrance.

Natural deodorant.



Not suitable for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


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