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Florihana Palo Santo

Florihana Palo Santo

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Florihana Palo Santo Essential Oil is obtained by steam distillation of the fruits rather than the wood of the protected Palo Santo tree which also known as the 'Holy Wood', a much more ecological and sustainable alternative that we wish to privilege. Palo Santo is a traditional remedy for pain, inflammation, stress as well as highly regarded for spiritual applications.

Florihana Palo Santo Essential Oil is 100% pure and natural.

Latin Name: Bursera graveolens

Country of Origin: Ecuador

Extraction Process: Steam Distillation

Part of the Plant: Fruits

Method of Cultivation: Wild


Aroma: uniquely sweet, balsamic, woody

Blends well with Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Sweet Orange or Cypress.


Aromatherapy Benefits

Properties: cleansing, encouraging a feeling of protection, promote inner well-being


Mental and Emotional Aromatherapy

Lead to a sense of peacefulness, grounding and calming.

Helpful for anxiety, and depression, eases stress, purifying and clearing a space of negativity.


Body / Health

Support pain relief such as arthritis, headache, throat pain.

Immune boosting, anticancer potential, promote restful sleep.

Use for coughs, bronchitis and other respiratory concerns.


Muscle / Joint

anti-inflammatory, pain relief for arthritis, and muscle and joint pains. 

ease body pains



Good antiseptic qualities for the skin, stimulate the growth of new skin cells, help tighten up the skin and provide a more youthful appearance


Household / Natural Perfumery

Natural insect repellants for mosquitos, ants, termites, and flies.



Recommend use with dilution below 3.5% on skin.

*Not suitable for some people, including pregnant or breastfeeding women. Before any use, we recommend consulting a health professional specialized in aromatherapy as well as running an essential oil allergy test, and cannot be held responsible In case of use without prior medical advice.



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