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Florihana Rose Alba (White Rose) Organic Hydrosols

Florihana Rose Alba (White Rose) Organic Hydrosols

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Florihana Rose Alba Hydrosol is steam distilled at low temperature from the flower of Rosa Alba. With high extraction ratio, it contains high level of aromatic molecules.  Rose Alba hydrosol is best known for its purifying, refreshing and balancing properties, both soothing and invigorating with a subtle and captivating floral scent, sweeter than that of the Damask rose.

Florihana Rose Alba Organic Hydrosol is certified organic, 100% pure and natural.

Latin Name: Rosa Alba

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Extraction Process: Steam Distillation

Part of the Plant: Flower

Method of Cultivation: Cultivated

Preservatives: Without


Product Usage:

Can be used both internally and externally (facial toner, food, etc.)

Edible: Yes


Known since Antiquity and cultivated since the Renaissance for its sweet floral fragrance, the Rose Alba is a hybrid rose from Europe and whose exact origins are possibly crossed between the Rosa canina and the Rosa damascena.



Properties: Refreshing, purifying, balancing, soothing, toning.



Rose Alba hydrosol will create a delicate, romantic and soothing atmosphere when used as a room spray.


Skin Care / Massage

As an excellent humectant that helps add and keep moisture in the skin, this highly aromatic white flowers renown for its skin healing abilities. It is an effective facial and skin toner for mature and dry skin types.


Beverages or cooking

Add a teaspoon of hydrosol to a glass of water, ice tea etc as therapeutic remedies. The refined flavor of Rose Alba will naturally perfume various dishes and desserts, such as salads or red fruit sorbets



To further increase its benefits, the organic Rose Alba Hydrosol blends very well with other organic carrier oils and hydrosols with complementary properties, such as: 

• The Argan, Rosehip or Sweet Almond Carrier Oils. 

• The Damask Rose, Italian Helichrysum or Lavender Vera Hydrosols.  



Hydrosols without preservatives are sensitive products with a limited shelf life.


Shelf life & storage instructions:

2 to 3 months once opened.

Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light. Recommend to store in the refrigerator.

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