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Florihana Thyme Linalol Organic Hydrosol

Florihana Thyme Linalol Organic Hydrosol

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Our Thyme Linalol Hydrosol or Floral water (Thymus vulgaris) is preservative-free, 100% natural and pure. Certified organic (USDA, JAS, Ecocert), this hydrosol is distilled from the flowering tops. This plant is cultivated in France.
Stimulating and purifying.

This organic hydrosol is classified as a natural aroma (edible).

Florihana Thyme Linalol Organic Hydrosol is certified organic, 100% pure and natural.

Latin Name: Thymus vulgaris

Country of Origin: France 

Extraction Process: Steam Distillation

Part of the Plant: Flowering Tops

Method of Cultivation: Cultivated

Preservatives: Without


Product Usage:

Can be used both internally and externally (facial toner, food, etc.)

Edible: Yes


Typically Mediterranean and growing in warm climates, the Thymus vulgaris is an evergreen shrub with grayish green foliage and light pink flowers when in bloom. 



Properties: Stimulating, purifying, toning, balancing.



With its antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal properties, thyme hydrosol is recommended for soothing dermal infections, acne, insect bites, and cleaning wounds.


Skin Care / Massage

Thyme Linalol can be used as cleansing facial toner for sensitive, dry or oily skin prone to acne. It cleanses and balances both skin and hair.


Beverages or cooking

Add a teaspoon of hydrosol to a glass of water, ice tea etc as therapeutic remedies. The delicious herbaceous flavors will finely enhance salty dishes, such as Provencal specialties or grilled vegetables.



To further increase its benefits, the organic Thyme Linalol Hydrosol blends very well with other organic carrier oils and hydrosols with complementary properties, such as: 

• The Jojoba, Hazelnut or Black Cumin Carrier Oils. 

• The Rosemary Verbenone or Bay Laurel Hydrosols.  



Hydrosols without preservatives are sensitive products with a limited shelf life.


Shelf life & storage instructions:

2 to 3 months once opened.

Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light. Recommend to store in the refrigerator.

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