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Frankincense Roll-On

Frankincense Roll-On


Elegant, sophisticated and glamorous.
Frankincense smells softly inviting, always the perfect fragrance pick that brings the pure therapuetic essence. 


Aromatherapy Benefits

Calming and comforting.
Anti-aging, skin sebum balancing, reduce wrinkles, scars. Place this roll-on oil on fine lines and wrinkles overnight.
Boost immune system, wound healing.


Size: 10ml

Pure & Natural Ingredients: 100%

Preservatives: Without

Product Usage: Cosmetic / Aromatherapy Product


How to Use

Massage and topical application.

Apply directly to the wrists, shoulder, nape of the neck, behind the ears, or wherever desire.

Reapply as necessary throughout the day.



Contains 100% pure and natural essential oil of Frankincense, diluted to Carrier Oil




Essential oil roll-ons without preservatives are sensitive products with a limited shelf life.


Shelf life & storage instructions:

2 to 3 months.

Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light.

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