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ITO Face Cleansing Towel (CIRCLE) (250g)

ITO Face Cleansing Towel (CIRCLE) (250g)


●Awarded Monde Selection for 4 consecutive years
● Roll type disposable towel
● Can be cut to the required length by hand (with line)
● Cut into 1 sheet to make a hand towel, and cut into 4 to 5 sheets to make a sports
● Soft and skin-friendly to the touch
● Excellent tear resistance and water absorption
● Cute shark pattern emboss and also removes dirt

-Carton Quantity :60
-Net Weight : 250g
-Product Size :W160mm×H180mm×D160mm
-Carton Size :W620mm×H600mm×D460mm
-Product Origin :Made in China
-Material :Pulp・Rayon
-Emboss :Have
-Size per pcs :Around 200mm × 200mm

・Wiping off sweat during exercise
・Wipe off after washing face
・Hand wipes after washing hands
・Mouthwash after meals
・Whole body cleansing
・Wipe off makeup removal
・Nail polish remover

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