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ITO Skin Cotton Towel (100% Cotton)

ITO Skin Cotton Towel (100% Cotton)


● Monde Selection Award for 3 consecutive years
● Tissue type disposable towel
● Cut along the line into two pieces. Small pieces suitable for Eye-shadow remover, Big
pieces suitable for whole face removal.
● Recommended for removing make-up and nails, as it does not cause fluffing.
● Made from high-quality natural plant fibers, soft and gentle on the skin.
● Excellent tear resistance and water absorption
● No embossing, burden on the skin is reduced.
● Recommended for babies and sensitive skin


・Wipe off makeup remover
・Nail polish remover
・Wipe off after washing face
・Hand wipes after washing hands
・Mouthwash after meals
・Whole body cleansing

-Net Weight :80 pieces
-Product Size :W200mm×H100mm×D80mm
-Product Origin :Made in China
-Material :Pulp・Rayon
-Emboss :No
-Size per pcs :Around 200mm × 180mm


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